7 Reasons Why Scarfs Make a Great Gift & Investment

It's Holiday Time ..  Time to give a special gift to your  special someone...

--  but what to give someone who has everything ? -- and it needs to special since I  don't want them to re-gift either !

I would rather give someone a great handmade gift that also acts as fine investment.

7 reasons why our Infinity scarfs make great investment & gifts.   

1. Jazz up a Plain or Solid-Colour Outfit

If you are wearing a subtle, plain outfit, spice it up with a colourful silk scarf.   Especially in winters, an Infinity scarf can make any garment look vibrant.

2. Keep Your Neck and Shoulders Warm

A beautiful scarf is your  best friends when the weather is chilly.   Even when entering a room with air conditioning at full blast can affect work !     

3. Feel Flirty & Feminine

Revel in the Power of Femininity !     The most casual, severe look can create a powerful and unexpected contrast – with a vividly coloured scarf.

4. Look Taller

If you want to appear tall- grab your scarf and sling on your high heels. A square scarf folded diagonally into a slim band or a long scarf draped simply around the neck will instantly lengthen and slim down your silhouette.

5. Be Formal 

At a business meeting or at a formal event ?  Just pick a scarf to make your style statement.

6. Cover up - when you want to... 

And at the last minute if you feel conscious about the way you are looking or a neckline that is plunging a bit too much   – take the help of your sohoskirts - scarf and set yourself free !

7. Each Scarf is carefully hand made with finest tartan fabrics to really highlight your existing wardrobe.   No short cuts.   Each frill carefully selected by hand.    


Save your time for other activities - We wrap until Dec. 20th, 2017

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