5 Canadian Winter Holiday Fun Facts

I wanted to get into the holiday spirit ... So I thought is would be fun to research some cool Canadian fun facts regarding the festive season - here are some quick facts I found.

1. Santa Employs lots of Canadian Elves:

Santa has received more than 20 million letters from children around the world. Canada Post volunteers donate over 200,000 hours of their time each year to help Santa respond to every letter that arrives on his doorstep.

2. Canadians Love Department Stores… and Booze

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians prefer to shop in person. With total sales of nearly $3.2 billion dollars, the number one place for Canadians to check off their holiday shopping lists was…department stores. and spend $ 1.6B on liquor sales -- no surprise here..

Below: glorious view of Toronto's Eaton Center

3. Canadians Love Eggnog !

According to Statistics Canada, 5.8 million litres of eggnog were consumed in December 2009 in Canada --- I love it too !

4. The World loves Canadian Christmas Trees !

Did you know our Canada harvests approximately 5.5 million Christmas trees each year? That’s roughly one Christmas tree for every 7 Canadians. But if you can’t spend Christmas in Canada, you might as well take a little piece of the country with you. In 2006, Canada exported 2.25 million Christmas trees to over 25 countries including Japan, Mexico, the United States and Jamaica.

5. Canadians love The Ballet

The Nutcracker ballet is an annual Canadian Christmas tradition with performances wowing audiences from coast to coast. The National Ballet of Canada’s ballerinas have used 5,548 pairs of pointe shoes for performances of The Nutcracker since 1995.

Bonus: Canadians Love To Give Gifts :

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source: http://www.readersdigest.ca/travel/canada/13-things-you-didnt-know-about-christmas-canada

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