How I am feeling during Covd 19 Stuck at home.

April 11th-

Cooking, cleaning, and more cleaning and today guess what :) my Blomberg washer door doesn't open and my laundry is stuck inside. I called the guy he said he will come by Monday only and today is saturday plus don't forget I have to pay him $200 :). But counting the blessing at least Guy is available to fix.

April 12th- Green Juice day :)

Feeling all rejuvenated today and just made the fresh Celery/fruit juice.

Being a vegan its very important to start your day with fresh home made juice.

Easy to prepare. All you need is a slow juicer, Stalk of celery, fresh carrots, oranges, apples, tiny ginger and squeeze of lemon.

April 13th -

Zucchini Zoodles my favourite and noodles or Zoodles are packed with nutrients and is a great way to stay healthy . The recipe is easy to prepare, Plus don't forget it's a gluten free :)

Countertop Spiralizer- I bought mine from Canadian tire.

Zucchini, pineapple cubes, Mangoe cubes,cucumber Zoodles ,Cilantro,chopped red onion with a squeeze of lemon/himalayan salt . Yummy Yummy.

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